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PassMonster Features

Here is the list of technical specifications of PassMonster passwords management suite:

Encrypted and un-encrypted passwords database formats supported

PassMonster offers highest level of flexibility for end user by allowing both encrypted and un-encrypted passwords database file formats. If you want maximum security we recommend using encrypted passwords database file format. It requires you to enter a master password every time you open the file and ensures no one else but you can access your passwords. However, if you are sure you are the only user of a machine with PassMonster installed you can as well use un-encrypted passwords database file format.

Strong encryption algorithms used: RC1 and Rijndael

PassMonster uses a patented ByteSmartEncryption™ encryption technology that uses various data cipher algorithms to encrypt different parts of file. The encryption is based on open key 128 bit and 256 bit strong encryption algorithms such as RC1 and Rijndael. These algorithms alone are enough for strong encryption. However, we went even further utilizing encryptions techniques offered by RSA and other public vendors to create an awesome protection technology.

Stealth operation mode (so that nobody knows you run a password manager)

As we mentioned before on this site and elsewhere, the weakest link in security chain is always a human being. If a person knows you have PassMonster running on your machine, your passwords are less safe than if no one knows of this fact!

Multiple user data files supported

PassMonster can be used both for storing passwords of your family members and your employees. Flexible multi-user configuration allows using PassMonster enterprise-wide. PassMonster integrates seamlessly into your current computing environment making it easy to install and use this application by as many users as you need (limited by number of licenses you purchase only; site licenses available)!

Passwords can be exported to .html, .xml, .txt and .csv formats

PassMonster can be easily used for password data backup and exchange if there is a need. Its flexible plug-in architecture allows creating import \ export plug-ins for any format your enterprise may have. This feature is most convenient when creating admin digest copies of user passwords and \ or migrating to PassMonster from primitive password keeping programs.

Skins and changeable interface layout supported

No more looking at dull one-color main window! Download and install artistic skins from this site or create your own skins. Make PassMonster look the way you want! If you like the classic view – no problem, click once and you are there! Want some vivid skin for your kids – okay! Want your girlfriend picture just near the ‘Users’ icon – put it there! Enjoy the ultimate layout freedom!

Fully configurable rules-dependent password generator

Password reliability is much dependent on its length, usage of capitals and small letters and alphanumeric and special characters it includes. Good password cannot be remembered by an average person if he sees it for 30 seconds. This means the password must be at least 7+-2 characters long (human perception depth). Good password must contain alphabetical (A-Z, a-z) and numeric (0-9) characters. Good password must not be associated with language terms and patterns (i.e. indepedenceday is worse than IndEpenDEncEdaY which in turn is worse than 36b5dvQLbvWUpX). PassMonster features flexible rule-dependent password generator to let you create reliable passwords with just one click!

On-the-fly password evaluation and ranking

Find out which of your passwords are safe to use and which are not. PassMonster uses patented password strength evaluation and rating mechanism ensuring maximum security!

Optional program access logging for strong security environments

Running a high security environment? Afraid of hackers? Suspect someone mess with your passwords data file? Simply turn the advanced action logging on and you will definitely know! By-second action logging helps you see the whole picture. According to security experts actions logging saved many companies from data theft!

Comprehensive help system and Usage Tips screen

PassMonster help system was written by security experts, system administrators and encryption specialists. It was specially customized to make this all this technical knowledge understandable by an average PC dummy! The help system features an article for each and every aspect and function of passwords storing and management. Online Help system is available 24x7 via web and is always up-to-date!

Technical Support provided by security experts

Once you register your copy (copies) of PassMonster you become eligible for priority technical support. The built-in support request engine allows you enter only the requested information and press a button. Our tech specialists will receive your support request and will forward to one of security specialists or tech guys depending on type of question you have!

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