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Store Passwords Secure

These days, many of us use web sites and other online and offline resources that require login \ password authorization. Trying to remember all of the complex passwords becomes impossible with as low as 3 to 5 different passwords. When the number exceeds a dozen of logins \ passwords there is no better way to store passwords than by downloading and installing password manager software.

Where else would one store passwords taking into account the fact that writing passwords down on paper or putting all login \ password information to a text file is very dangerous and absolutely un-reliable?

Choosing the Right Password Manager to Store Passwords

A password manager is an application that allows you store passwords encrypted with one of the strong encryption algorithms such as 128-bit RC1 and 256-bit Rijndael. Once you install a password manager it is easy to store and manage unlimited number of login \ password combinations having to remember only one master password used to lock and encrypt password manager data file.

Advanced password managers like PassMonster, utilize even newer and stronger security technologies (such as combined 128-bit RC1 and 256-bit Rijndael encryption algorithms, memory monitoring, file wiping etc.) to prevent unauthorized access to you login \ password data and allow you store passwords securely.

Store Passwords with PassMonster

With PassMonster you can store passwords in well-maintained, always encrypted, intrusion protected database that allows you access your passwords with just a couple of clicks and a correct master password.

PassMonster is capable of running in Stealth mode, as well as in task tray icon mode not just allowing you to store passwords but also implementing a login \ password data management environment complete with easy-to-use interface and tons of additional features such as automatic password database backups, export to text, CSV, HTML and XML formats, built-in heuristic password generator and password validation!

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