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Kamatoz.Computing offers you the unique opportunity to make money with our high-efficiency software affiliate programs. If you run a popular web site with more than 500 unique visitors a day, you may be interested in earning some extra cash by participating in one of our affiliate programs.

We Give You All You Need to Start Affiliate Sales

You do not have to write software or even be a programmer to make money selling our software. We will provide you with all the information / software you need (including custom builds of our software distribution packages with your affiliate ID) at no charge. You will receive money via Internet's oldest and most popular software registration and affiliate system - RegNow. Upon the end of month you will get your earnings either via check or wire transfer to whatever location / bank you specify.

You Get More Money When You Make More Affiliate Sales

There are no selling minimums; however there are sales volumes affiliate bonuses. You get 30% of each sale on first 10 sales a month, 40% on the next 20 sales the same month and 50% of each sale on the next sales. If you keep the affiliate sales volume persistently higher than 20 sales a month - you get 50% of each affiliate sale right from the beginning of a month.

On Relevant Web Sites You Will Earn Money with No Additional Efforts

Say you run a security related web site. It is obvious your visitors are more likely to purchase our password manager software from your web site than from online furniture store. The same goes with business-related web sites and our personal business organizer software. You will not have to perform any actions except for placing an ad leading your visitors to download your custom build affiliate software package on your web site.

Software Affiliate Programs In Raw Numbers

Say you sell 10 copies of PassMonster password manager a month and get 30% on each sale. This makes more than $100 on just 10 sales. Imagine you sell 20 more earning 40% on each affiliate sale. That's another $250. All in all you, get $350 just by keeping doing what you are used to - running your web site.

Imagine How Many More Sales You Can Generate When You Actually Work on it

The minimal numbers mentioned above are results of so called 'lazy affiliate sales'. Now, there are also professional affiliate sellers who know how to salvage several thousands of great software. If you have or know someone who has a relevant mailing list with several thousands of devoted subscribers - you may post a message to this list and get much more sales (this is highly targeted marketing).

Automatic Affiliate Cookies System Ensures You Get Your Money for Each Lead

No matter how much time passed since the person has downloaded and tried our software from your web page. Once he's going to purchase the software, RegNow will automatically recognize your affiliate cookie.

Custom Builds Provide 100% Guarantee You Get All the Money for Your Leads

Each affiliate custom build of our software has you Affiliate ID included in all purchase links within application, its documentation and help system. That ensures, your affiliate ID is processed by the payment system each time your lead becomes a sale.

No Cheating, No Reset Cookies, No Second Registrators

All as it says! All links in the software lead to one registration service - RegNow and include your affiliate ID. We do not reset your affiliate cookies, nor does so RegNow. We want you to realize this: we are interested in paying money to software affiliate professionals as well as we are interested in building strong relationships with our affiliates on permanent basis.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your Software Affiliate Program Now

Step 1. Click here to register as an affiliate with RegNow

Step 2. Submit your custom build request

Step 3. Start making money!