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Our Privacy Policy is intended to protect your privacy when viewing this web site, downloading, evaluating and purchasing our software.

1. E-Mail addresses of our customers are stored on our protected servers and are never sold or given to any third party. We use your electronic mail address to send you newsletters and information updates only in case that you personally signed in for recieveing such electronic messages. We do our best to prevent using personal data of our customers from spammers. SPAMming (sending uncolicited electronic mail) using any facilities, equipment or software owned by Kamatoz.Computing will be tracked and violators will be prosecuted to maximum legal extent.

2. Secure data transmission between your computer and electronic payment processing systems is provided by our well known trustworthy business partners such as RegNow and RegSoft. Should you see that there is a page requesting your credit card information that does not have https:// prefix in address or key \ lock symbol in status bar of you web browser do not enter any information on that page.

3. Your credit card data \ credentials will never be known by either Kamatoz.Computing or any of our Partners. It will be passed along to your bank for verification in encrypted form.

4. To avoid scams (web sites that mimic other web sites in order to perform malicious actions and \ or steal your money) be sure that you have typed http://kamatoz.com in your web browser before downloading any software or making any money transactions. Should you find a site with similar (copied) content or layout do not hesitate to contact us at abuse@kamatoz.com