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Personal Information Management Software


The days when each of us had hundreds of sticky notes decorating our walls and fridges are history. Twenty first century is here along with computer technology wonders that make those messy paper-on-paper environments look at least strange. Personal computer is called so because it is intended to help a person perform common tasks effectively. But does it do what it intended to do?

Software solutions we seek

The fresh-installed operating system looks dramatically empty. What can we do with just from factory computer? Type, save and print formatted text, run system maintenance tools and play simple games. On newer systems we can also watch movies and view digital pictures as well as browse the Web. When we need something else we need to find and obtain other software products from third party vendors.

Human Being information processing model

Personal Information Management is generally the one of the most explored areas of personal computing. There are very many competing software products on the market that offer various concepts of information storage and management. So, how can we do the right choice?

Let us first look inside the discussion topic. Each human being starting from the phase of reflective (systematized and associated with speech) thinking has his own information representation system consisting of 7+-2 elements limited conscious mind and high-speed unlimited bandwidth unconscious mind. The conscious thinking is 100 per cent attached to speech (i.e. we cannot “think” consciously without pronouncing phrases “inside our head”), comparatively slow and hierarchical. It is useful to think of conscious mind as an interface to unconscious thinking, which in turn is speech-independent, blazing fast and sort of unorganized.

All the information we posses stored in our unconscious mind as a set of visions, sounds and feelings and can be accessed at any time either by conscious command or unconscious part command (like an Operating System for unconscious mind database). You haven’t been thinking about rabbits before you read this phrase. Now you do.

Choosing the right Personal Information Management software

So the systematic approach to personal information is the major goal for software engineers and psychologists. However reaching the result is not that simple. Each personality is unique. You may have noticed that sometimes when you download and install software it is naturally hard for you to understand why you should click here and not there and why the output looks different from what you think of ideal output.

MindIT! - a customizable personal information management software or a human mind model?

That is why we tried to implement human information representation model in our Personal Information Management software suite called MindIT! At the present moment we succeeded in making this speech-capable multimedia information management application both customizable to individual peculiarities of a human being and presenting human-like hierarchical information management model involving tri-directional data hierarchy.

Today we invite you to try MindIT! by yourself and see how fast it can be customize to represent your information management model.

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