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Ultimate Password Manager: PassMonster

Password Software Definitions

First of all, let us define what password manager is and what password keeper is. Modern software archives and software collections often mislead their visitors by using either ‘password manager’ or ‘password keeper’ terms to identify various software dealing with passwords. We would like to offer the following classification:

  • Password recovery tool – utility software used to recover lost \ forgotten passwords from various storage units and picking (hacking) other people passwords
  • Password picker – hacker tool used for picking passwords with brute force attacks, i.e. by trying one password combination after another.
  • Password keeper – software solution for storing passwords and sometimes login names.
  • Password encryption software – program used to encrypt password \ login data contained in a file or database.
  • Password manager – complex password management software solution that stands for its name, i.e. allowing you manage password \ login information, encrypt and decrypt it using strong encryption, process password \ login \ pin code data and carry additional functionality needed to implement one-click password manager operation.

    Password Manager vs. Password Keeper Software

    When people start thinking about purchasing a reliable password manager software solution they are often misled by third party ads and various specifications. Here is a list of what we think the outstanding password manager should be able to do (left) and the list of what most low-end password keepers do:

    Feature Password Manager Password Keeper
    Store login name information YES YES
    Store password YES YES
    Store pin codes, software serial numbers, long codes, etc. (e.g. non web related password information) YES NO
    Encrypt passwords YES NO
    Support encrypted and un-encrypted password databases YES NO
    Support 256-bit login \ password data encryption YES NO
    Print passwords list on demand YES YES
    Export passwords to TXT and CSV YES YES
    Export passwords to and import passwords from XML and HTML formats YES NO
    Open web browsers, launch applications and offer quick ways of transferring password data YES NO
    Protect password data from smart hacker attacks by wiping files and monitoring memory acce YES NO
    Offer automated password database backup system YES NO
    Operate in Stealth mode YES NO
    Offer 24x7 technical support by security experts YES NO
    Be cost effective both when purchasing one copy and site license YES NO

    PassMonster – the ultimate password manager

    Kamatoz.Computing proudly presents software that complies with all of the specifications in the list above, the ultimate password manager – PassMonster.

    PassMonster password manager has all it takes to be the number one in password management software.

    Click here for the detailed features list of PassMonster.
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