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Password Management Software Evolution

Rev. 1.024
by Alexey Navrasov
Copyright (C) 2002-2003, Kamatoz.Computing


Passwords management software technologies made a quantum leap from paper and pencil to modern 256 bit encrypted passwords databases management applications. Let us have a closer look at how it was.

Simple Passwords Management Systems

The first step in evolution was made when a human being realized code word authorization becomes a reality of electronics age. The first solution was the most primitive: a sheet of paper and a sharp pencil to write passwords down. Those ‘secret’ papers were stored in our desks or sometimes under the monitor unit and even behind the monitor or computer case. Should we say that it was enough for two or three passwords yet absolutely unsafe…

First Electronic Password Storing Solutions

The introduction of personal computers with electronic text files was another step towards effective passwords management. A file is located on the local computer and is accessed each time there is a need to enter a password. That was very inconvenient back in DOS times, however becoming more and more widespread with multitasking operating systems such as Windows or MacOS. Even now you can find individuals who store small amounts of their password data using plain text files.

Dedicated Password Management Software

No one will probably tell you for sure when the first program dedicated to storing and managing passwords was written. You could still find the most primitive of those applications on the Internet if you search well. The major benefit of using dedicated passwords storing and management software was predictably similar to using word processors for editing textual data and spreadsheets for crunching numbers – specialization made password management software actually evolve. However, passwords were still left unprotected.

Encrypted Password Database Storage Software

The real step forward was made with introduction of public domain open key encryption algorithms – procedures used to encrypt data securely without storing the unlock key within encrypted data. First public domain encryption algorithms were weak and could have been cracked using simple brute force attack. However most advanced password managers of that times seemed to be technology miracles. The same algorithms were used in earlier Windows operating systems making .pwl (OS passwords databases) insecure and risky to use.

The highest step of evolution – PassMonster - Password Management Software Suite with 256 bit encryption

Coupled 128 bit and 256 bit encryption technique is the highest step of evolution in protecting your vital passwords data within the dedicated passwords management application capable of storing thousands of passwords for each of unlimited number of its users. PassMonster, a password storing and management suite by Kamatoz.Computing is not just a small program for storing passwords; it is a technologically advanced expandable passwords keeping solution intended to totally suit your needs. Its expandability will allow PassMonster to support biometric user identification (retina scan or fingerprint authorization) for the state-of-the-art secure passwords management in the nearest future. XML and HTML support make PassMonster the best choice for both individuals and large scale enterprises. The all-inclusive style of this password management suite also means tips and tutorials for users, online help system and technical support provided by security experts.

PassMonster Facts briefly

Security: RC1 and Rijndael coupled 128 bit and 256 bit on-the-fly data encryption
Number of users supported: unlimited
Stealth mode capability: fully supported
Interface: fully customizable skinable interface layout
Import \ Export \ Migration formats supported: plain text (.txt), comma separated values (.csv), XML

See the detailed PassMonster list of features

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