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Lost Password?

Free download of an advanced password manager is available at the bottom of this page.

Learn how to forget about lost passwords once and for good!

According to multiple statistic sources and security experts, an average person these days has about fifty to one several hundreds passwords used to access private areas of websites, online banking etc.

Loosing a password may mean nothing at all - there are plenty of resources that can be forgotten without password retrieval. On the other hand it may mean a disaster if the lost password is used for accessing vital data on daily basis!

Roger from LV used a sticky note to write down complex password for a popular online game. One day the glue on sticker got worn off and Jess (Roger's girlfriend) simply trashed the piece of yellow paper lying on the carpet. Roger applied for password retrieval, hoping to get the lost password back - but to no result: he suddenly realized he lost password from the e-mail account he used to register the online game character.

Five months of addictive gameplay, late nights Jess spent lonely while her brave fellow had fought the undead plus well over one thousand dollars spent on game items - everything got spent in vain. Sadly, the game vendor refused to identify Roger by any other detail than his e-mail (the one he lost password to).

However, there are no failures in life, only the feedback and experience. That is why Roger decided that lost passwords are not for him and purchased a small program that allows him to store passwords in secure (encrypted) database and access any of them at any time from anywhere in the world!

Consider this: you can spend 25 dollars on password manager application and forget about lost password situations once and for good! Or you can save 25 dollars on password manager software and one day face an ultimate despair when lost password may cost you hours of time and thousands of dollars in pure losses (situation with lost stock-trading web-site password).

Lost password is not a problem anymore! Introducing PassMonster, the unique password storage, encryption and protection software that is both reasonably priced and has all it takes to let you forget about lost password situations!

Utilize the power of mixed 128-256-bit open key asymmetric encryption algorithm, extra security measures (wiping files, monitoring memory access etc.), multiple user-files, categorized password storage in order to make lost password a myth of yesterday while enjoying skinable user interface and many more neat features of this mini-Fort-Knox.

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