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Why Keep Passwords Protected?

As we tend to trust digital technology providers, we require reliable protection from credentials theft and unauthorized access to our personalized online resources, credit cards, accounts etc.

Password protection is one of the most popular, widespread and reliable methods of restricting access to private data. Most modern services and web sites are capable of generating strong passwords for us, but how the heck do we keep all these passwords somewhere (remembering something like 'f43Kuj3^a9p4hf' for each account we have is hardly possible at all), protected from unauthorized access?

In order to keep your passwords protected you may consider purchasing a password manager or password keeper, special software application designed to encrypt your passwords data and keep passwords protected from prying eyes and network hacks.

Keep passwords secure! It is not expensive!

Investing as low as $25 in passwords security may save you from many unpleasant experiences, such as your notebook with all our passwords being stolen in the busy airport area, or hacker attack due to firewall failure, or your spouse getting access to your private chats, e-mail addresses, password protected zip archives etc. OK, take a deep breath and stop thinking about all these possible consequences. Just remember, it is a wise choice to keep passwords protected!

Forget the technology guru myths! Easily keep passwords safe!

Many people are getting confused with various computer technologies and why is 256-bit encryption is stronger and more reliable than 128-bit encryption, while the combined 256-bit and 128-bit encryption is, in turn, much more secure than 256-bit encryption. They may be right, at the first glance, since all they need is some way to keep passwords secure and not the 'practical encryption technologies in your life' courses. However, advanced password management software such as PassMonster does not require you to be a security nerd to keep passwords in a protected database, encrypted with mixed 256-bit \ 128-bit encryption. For the user the entire process is simpler than using e-mail!

Paper and pen would never keep passwords hidden from prying eyes!

There is a myth, often spread among both incompetent and self-assured youngsters and elderly people that putting passwords on the paper and storing it in a secret drawer or under the computer monitor or within the laundry is a reliable method to keep passwords from others' eyes. Imagine what would happen and how would YOU feel if one day you lose that paper, or someone finds it. Let's face it: people are curious. They will use you passwords to access your private data! So, keep passwords protected and never worry again!

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