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Free Password Manager vs Shareware Password Manager

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Millions of PC users worldwide have already realized that installing password manager software is a must. With hundreds of complex passwords we use today to protect our privacy, access protected areas of various web sites, manage remote password protected accounts - password manager is the only application that should be chosen wisely.

Password Manager for Windows 98, 2000 and XP - How it works and what does it do?

Password manager or sometimes 'password keeper' is an application that can store passwords securely in its internal database. The entire password manager database file is encrypted using so called master password, the only combination of letters, numbers and special characters the end user should remember. Good password manager also has tools to prevent hackers and/or Spyware from attempting to intercept the moment of passwords database file decryption.

Due to great demand for such software, the market is full of ill-thought password manager and password keeper implementations that do not protect your password and sometimes even make it easier to access them for felons.

Encryption algorithms used in modern password manager applications are usually open key asymmetric algorithms such as RC1, RSA, AES and many others. These are complex mathematical formulas that enable 128-bit, 256-bit or 448-bit encryption in password manager or password keeper applications.

Popular encryption algorithms vs new encryption technologies

One should realize that if password manager or password keeper uses one of the popular algorithms it is more viable for cracking, since hackers never stand idle and keep improving their skills and hacking algorithms they use every day. The more data on the Internet is encrypted with the same algorithm - the more progress in cracking it hackers may have due to increased motivation. Consider this when choosing between free password manager and shareware / commercial password manager.

Truth about free password manager applications

Any genre for a program on the Internet has two classes of products - freeware and shareware / commercial. Password manager programs are not an exception. Most freeware programs are written by programming enthusiasts practicing their skills in a certain area of programming. As soon as their interest is satisfied - there is no further product development.

Another aspect is use of publicly available technologies. You will never invest $20,000 in password manager technology research if you do not plan selling the resulting product. More likely, you will use free resources to write a free password manager application.

Truth about shareware and commercial password manager and password keeper applications

Commercial products, as opposed to free password manager programs, are usually a result of several years of technology research and investment. Advanced password manager applications, such as PassMonster available for download from this web site, are only becoming available due to the following factors: long product life (allows developers concentrate on features most valued by the product users), regular updates (to withstand newly-invented hack methods some companies, including the makers of PassMonster password manager offer free lifetime upgrades), technology research and utilization of latest IT findings (PassMonster password manager uses smart encryption algorithm combining 128-bit and 256-bit cipher keys, memory monitoring and file wiping), 24x7 live tech support (to help you solve problems, if any).

As for the price, you judge whether you prefer spending $24,95 on your personal data security by purchasing a high-end password manager or trust free password manager application which may even turn to be a Trojan or malware of some sort.

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