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Welcome to WorkManager Pro help system

WorkManager Pro is the only tool you need to manage your projects. WorkManager Pro lets you organize commonly used applications and documents into 'works'. Each 'work' may contain as many applications and documents as you need.

For example: you often do the same sequence:
  • Connect to Internet
  • Launch your web-browser
  • Launch mail program
  • Run messenger service
  • Launch ftp client or download manager
  • Start time-sync utility

    Doing this manualy takes time since all programs are in their own folders, and you need to scroll the Start menu (or your launcher program menu) to get to it. Even if you create shortcuts for all of these tasks it would still take you some time to make several double-clicks.

    WorkManager Pro lets you add all the tasks you need for some specific activity with your computer to so called 'works'. You need to do that only once and then you'll be able to launch them with one click! For the above example you could have probably created a work named Net Surfing, put all the applications and documents you need while surfing the net there and be off with it. Now each time you want to surf the net just select Net Surfing work from My Works and click the Run button!

    WorkManager Pro is Shareware. You can try it before you decide to buy the full version for as long as you want to. Keep in mind that some features of the program are disabled in free trial version. Registering your version lets you get all the features of the program.

    Learn more about trial version limitations and benefits of registering.

    Download Free Trial Version | Purchase Full Version | Visit official web site