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Welcome to PassMonster help system

We hope PassMonster becomes your assistant in such an important security measure as storing, managing and protecting your passwords!

Today all of us use tens or even hundreds of complex passwords to protect our access to private information. Passwords are given to us by network services, paging and cellular companies, software products, electronic commerce services, banks, shops and many other institutions.

Good password should comply to these simple rules:
  • use as many different symbols as possible
  • be rather long (8 to 16 characters prefferably)
  • be unreadable (or hard to remember) for human being

    We know you do have such good passwords. But if you are a human being you cannot remember them! If you can (or use one password for all resources) that means you are unsafe! So basically, one needs to write passwords down, which is in turn also very unsafe. A bad guy only needs to possess your passwords database once and he will know all of your passwords! You can try encrypting the text file (database) containing your passwords. But it takes fairly large amount of time to decrypt it for each use and then encrypt it back again!

    So is this the end? Is there any solution to help us out?

    YES! PassMonster is here to help you!

    PassMonster will perform the insurmountable task of storing, protecting and managing your passwords allowing you to click once and get all the password-related information you need without having to be afraid for data security.

    PassMonster features easy to use interactive interface and you should only need 5 minutes to figure out how it works. However, we have built and supplied this help system to answer any question you may have.

    Learn how to...
    ...start using PassMonster within seconds
    ...configure PassMonster to suit all your needs
    ...customize PassMonster appeareance

    Learn more on...
    ...passwords and security
    ...built-in passwords generator

    PassMonster is distributed as try before you buy software suite. You can evaluate it before you decide to buy the full version for as long as you need to. Keep in mind that some features of the program are disabled in free trial version. Registering your version lets you get all the features of the program.

    Learn more about trial version limitations and benefits of registering.

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